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Itchy Feet?

Dr. Roberta Beals

Athletes foot is a fungal infection that occurs on the feet. Known as dermatophytes, these opportunistic infections can be a prelude to toenail infections. These are not only unsightly but can have long term complications. Start early. Rid yourself of this problem before it sets up housekeeping. Prevention is another way to avoid troubles as well. See below:

Tinea pedis (fungal infections on the feet) usually occurs in adults and adolescents (particularly young men) and is rare prior to puberty. Infection is normally acquired by direct contact with the organism. These organisms live in warm moist environments like locker rooms or swimming pool facilities.

There are 3 types:

1: in between the toes: Interdigital tinea pedis

2: Thickened yellow skin on the soles and lateral surfaces: Hyperkeratotic tinea pedis

3: Itchy painful blisters: Vesiculobullous (Inflammatory) tinea pedis

#1: Avoid contact. Wear protective shoes and keep them clean.

#2 Wash your feet with Soap, Water and Washcloth. Simple cleaning keeps debris away.

#3 Wear socks and change them frequently if they become wet.

Keep your skin dry on the outside and hydrated on the inside.

Treatment: There are a multitude of over the counter creams, ointments, gels and sprays available.

Here are some guidelines:

You want to use the medications as directed on the label for up to 2 weeks. If this fails please see your provider to confirm and treat your problem. Keep in mind the deeper the disease the more likely hood there may be a secondary bacterial infection.

Choose a cream or ointment. You want a product to cover and protect the skin as well as treat it.

Any medication with AZOL in the word will work for the feet. Terbinifine is another option that works quite well.

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