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Awaken the Vampire in You

Dr. Roberta Beals

The Restorative Powers in blood can regenerate your tissue to a healthier state. Anywhere your body needs it…Your blood is the key.

Plasma therapy has come a long way. The science has proven it works. There are thousands of scientifically valid papers available on Pub Med that attest to the flexibility and reproducibility of this procedure. With a little blood, we can spin it down and separate it in to Platelet Rich Plasma AKA the body’s liquid gold. It heals, repairs and regenerates your cells.

Plasma therapy restores cellular function!

Once you have had your blood drawn, your anesthetic is applied. The platelet rich plasma is then reinserted with the smallest needle available. Then, over the next few weeks to months, the quality of the tissue improves its size, shape, color, function and sensation.

Face: Vampire Facial, Vampire Facelift

Chest: Vampire Beast Lift

Bottom: O-Shot, Wing-Shot, P-Shot

Anywhere: Scar injections

The duration is at least a year or more. The Wing-Shot research shows over 3 years in biopsy studies, but this depends on your aging process.

The great news is that the Vampire Technology can be applied with other treatments here at Healthy Skin Clinic. It is outstanding in combination with our Micro-laser peel or ProFractional treatments. This gives us the best combined treatment for acne or trauma scars

There is a little Vampire in us all. Let us help you put it to good use.

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